After beating my head against the wall trying to figure out how the power windows are wired in a 2-door EG,
I discovered something really odd. The Helm Manual (SM/ETM) covers 4-doors, but there is no mention of 2-doors... at all.
I discovered why shortly after, the EX was only made from 93-95, hence no mention of it in the 92 version of my manual

Prior to finding this out, I decided I needed to conver it, at least for my own sanity.
so if you're troubleshooting your power windows or installing them, this page may come in handy.

drivers door

passenger door

in other words...

Drivers side switch pins
1-pin3 of passengers switch
2-pin1 of passengers switch
3-drivers window power
4- not used
6-passengers window power
7-drivers pulser signal if using OEM motors, Not used for after market motors
8-drivers window motor
10-drivers window motor

Passengers side switch pins
1-pin2 on drivers switch
2-passengers window motor
3-pin1 on drivers switch
4-passengers window power
5-passengers window motor

viewed like this

C605(drivers switch)

C629(passengers switch)

last update: 07/25/04